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Name and Shame Directory will list everybody from Lawyers, Accountants, Engineers, Chairman of companies and Politicians  who have committed any action which is corrupt or against the morals of Society.

Because of the massive Corruption and Criminal Activity in the Government  from Jacob Zuma down, ( which has not been dealt with ,) it has now spread into the Private sector and has almost destroyed the Country.

 False Qualifications are a daily event in Government and Business.

Any Company displaying Anti White Employment Policies will be Listed, as will their Directors.

Ratio 45/55

There is a no - care attitude by Large Business and Consulting firms, to milk the system, because nobody is being prosecuted.  

Listing on Name and Shame is for life and a person listed cannot have his name removed.



In association with:

Society for Professional Engineers


Rogues and Criminals Gallery in the Directory

  Moses Kgosana

Mark Pamensky

Rudy Castleman

Aron Singh

 Victoria Geoghegan

Joe Singh


Jacob Modise

Brian Molefe


 Sipho Malaba

Roy Moodley

Salim Essa

Marcus Jooste

Sugan Naicker


Yonela Doiko

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Roges who pay Woman for Sex








Roges who pay Woman for Sex





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