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Michael Douglas Hosking - Our New President 

Michael Hosking has been Elected President of the Medical Malpractice Association. He is also the CEO and Vice President of the Professional Engineers

He is a Casualty of Serious Medical Malpractice at a well known Clinic in Sandton South Africa, which was performed by a well known Orthopaedic Surgeon.

See article in the Sunday Independent Dr. F.A.Weber sued for R 9.5M

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We have 400 Members already
Join The Medical Malpractice Association

The Medical Malpractice Association is open to all free of charge subject to the following conditions :

You have to be over the age of 21 years

You have to be a victim of Medical Malpractice

Full Membership :            You must have reported the Doctor or Medical Practitioner to the HPCSA.

                                               You have to forward a copy of the Letter / Report / Affidavit to our offices together

                                                with  copy of the HPCSA Confirmation Letter and Reference Number.


Associate Membership : We require a Detailed report of what took place, which will be registered             

                                              against the Doctors Name and filed Electronically in the USA.

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Medical Complaints and problems:

The Health Professions Council of South Africa ( HPCSA )

Registrar /CEO Adv. Boyce Mkhize

Telephone: [012] 328 - 5120

Fax: [012] 328 - 4895

Email: legalmed@hpcsa.co.za 

P.O. Box  205, Pretoria 0001

Website: www.hpcsa.co.za




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